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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy generation market has grown remarkably in the past decade, and it is an expanding part of HPS’s product development focus.

The renewable energy market involves solar and wind power as well as geothermal generation. HPS is a major supplier of key components to the electrical infrastructure involved in the alternative energy market.

One of the challenges in creating the necessary electrical infrastructure for these, often remote, generation locations is to ensure that the equipment is rugged enough to withstand the temperature and moisture extremes as well as the damaging effects of lightning.

Our design team is committed to advancing the performance of our transformers to meet the ever increasing demands for efficiency and durability.

HPS is now delivering these quality products to OEMs and Energy operators on a worldwide basis.

HPS offers HPS Sentinel Solar Duty transformers for the renewable energy industry. These transformers are available for applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between solar generation system and the utility service.  HPS Sentinel solar duty transformers are intended for bi-directional* use in utility-interactive generation systems where power may flow to or from the grid.

Click HERE to learn more about HPS Sentinel Solar Duty Transformers.